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Wind Turbines

Flock of turkeys

Yesterday was a day of travel from Memphis to Oklahoma City. I'm not sure I have ever been there but I'm quite sure I don't want to go back. Construction was on all the interstates through the city and I believe we circled the city multiple times and hit every one of the construction zones. We left the motorhome at the Mercedes repair shop, which by the way, was in the middle of downtown OC. While it was being repaired we took little truck and in addition to walmart, now its hard to pass by a Hobby Lobby. 4 hours later and a few dollars lighter we were on our way out of OC with only a minor problem that was repaired.

Weather is changing quickly as it is in the Carolinas. Tonight is supposed to be in 20's. We are hoping that our water does not freeze. If you have ever seen a movie of tumbleweeds racing across the desert sands, then you will know that we have been like tumbleweeds today and even tonight as we settle in for the night the MH is being rocked .

Traveling through OK you see lots of farmland and the beginnings of oil rigs and wind turbines. It's fascinating to see farms of wind turbines across the landscape. 1.5-megawatt model such as we saw today consists of 116-ft blades atop a 212 ft tower for a total height of 328 feet. The blades sweep a vertical airspace of just under an acre. If you stop and listen, the blades make a loud swishing sound as they cut through the air.

Happy to have made it to the campground safely, we were greeted by a flock of wild turkeys just strolling through the campground. Even their feathers were being ruffled by the 30 mile an hour wind gusts.

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