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Wierd Plant at the Visitor Center at Valley of Fire

Sue, Bridget & Pat head to see the view

Pat, Bridget, Sue and LRB

Outcroppings in VoF

Note the different colors in the rocks

View at the Dome in VoF

More of the VoF

Sue in 30's CCC built cabin

Bridget in 30's CCC built cabin

Sue taking photo of Pat taking photo of Bridget

Yesterday, (Wednesday) provided little other than another day of frustration that we are stuck in a hotel and not the Bus. We went to WWW to check on the status of the repairs. The tank was sent to the local vendor for cleaning, checking for leaks and complete renovation. They hope it will be back on Friday, early. Our concern is where will that leave us Friday evening. If they complete the Bus it will be late. It is hard to reserve a space in any RV resort, if you do not have a Bus. It is hard to book a hotel room at weekend rates if you do not know if you need it or not. Kind of damned if we do and damned if we don't. We will find out on Friday.

We returned to the Rio Wednesday afternoon, after getting some more items from the Bus, and took it easy for a while. We went down early for dinner, since we had a late breakfast. Tried the All American Grill in the Rio and had good sandwiches and flavored fries. Then we walked through more of the casino and looked for the other restaurants (for future reference) and all the internal stores and of course, the slot machines. We settled in to make our donation at the penny slots. It did not take me long to donate my $ 5. However, Sue was able to have fun for over an hour and a half...then went to cash a +$100 ticket. Not bad to be paid for spending time in their casino. Then we got back to the room to watch a little of the early coverage of the Masters. Enjoyed Jack Nicklas's grandson making a hole-in-one during the Par 3 contest.

Bridget called to check on Sue and to invite us out to their campsite on Lake Mead. We discussed the outing and told her we would be there early. I had a conference call scheduled for 6:00 a.m. with my folks at the bank so early was good for us. We left the Rio about 8:00 a.m. and headed south. We stopped in Henderson for gasoline and a quick McDonald's breakfast. As usual is was almost what we ordered but not really, but we survived. We headed for Pat and Bridget's site. They had sent a Maps pin so we could get to their location. However, it showed they were about a quarter of a mile out into Lake Mead. I know they have a new fifth wheel but I did not remember it having pontoons.

Anyway after we went through the gate of Lake Mead National Recreation Area (for $20 since our Senior Pass cards were in the Bus) it was 41 miles to the road we would turn on to head toward the lake. This 41 miles was through some of the most impressive geological formations and unbelievable topography. I am really sorry that I do not have the vocabulary to properly describe what an unbelievable 41 miles that drive represented.

We finally arrived a little after 10:00 a.m. Pat and Bridget are camped with two other couples we have met through the RV Dreams rally's. Bill and Kelly and Red and Pam were camped in a loose layout over about 150 foot by 200 foot area. They have all been there since Sunday. We visted with all before returning to Pat and Bridget's rig. Sue and Bridget went inside and Pat and I sat outside in the shade of the fifth wheel and chatted until about noon. Then we loaded up in Pat's truck and set out for Overton. We arrived about 12:30 at the local restaurant...Scoops...Sandwiches and wraps were great and we were all stuffed when we left.

We then headed for the Valley of Fire State Park. It would be hard to tell you about all the sites we visited and try to describe all the rock formations by the right name. I did include a few photos to share of the formations we saw today. However, I have discovered and admitted before that the enormity of the landscape out west is too large to be captured by photos. Totally unbelievable. I have included several pictures of the four of us. We had a great time with them and saw some totally beautiful and inspiring landscapes. We saw bighorn sheep at a distance of about 1,000 yards and Pat's picture allowed him to count 15 of the bighorn's.

We enjoyed the day with Pat and Bridget and the chance to get out of the hotel. We returned and ran down and had a slice of pizza each for a light dinner. We then walked through the casino. Sue found her favorite machine not being played so she tried it one more time. After about an hour she cashed in her ticket of $ 40.18. She had fed the machine $ 40, so again, the casino paid her to play (a whopping $0.18).

We returned to the room about 10:00 and are in for the night. Tomorrow several things will unfold and we can get some direction on the weekend. We just pray this will finally get the Bus healthy and give us some control of our lives back. One thing is for sure, we will get out of the Rio. Not a bad place but we are tired of the Vegas scene. Keep your fingers crossed.

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