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Zion National Park


Hiking scenery

Virgin River

Hiking scenery

Scenery driving out of Zion

It has been 3-4 days since our last post. Time to bring y’all up to date. Our last day in Kanab we were not what we wanted to do. We were still recovering from the day before’s ATV & hiking adventure. We decided on a leisurely drive over to Zion national park. Probably the best decision we have or will make on this trip!

I know I have raved about all the places & scenery we seen up to this point but Zion moves to the top and will stay there. It’s a wonderful place to see and hike! The scenery is absolutely incredibly beautiful. You can drive down into the canyon! I always enjoy that. We recommend you get ther early! They do not let you drive up the “scenic” road, you have to ride their buses. Side note: Janice and I have decided they could save money on “scenic drive” signs out here... all the roads are scenic!

Anyway, the buses are on a 10-15 minute schedule. No long waiting for a bus. There’s 8 stops on the scenic drive up to the top. We went to the top then got off at the fifth stop and hiked the three miles down to the visitor parking. It was a wonderful day and the hike was downhill. Yeah!! The trail follows the Virgin River with areas you could walk down to the river’s edge. The water was cold!

The drive out of the canyon was just as spectacular as the drive in. We stopped several times looking for the Bighorn sheep that hangout in mountains there. We had our binoculars and saw several. Janice was thrilled to see a mama and her baby ram.

Next stop, Vegas.

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