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Thank you letter

We got home around 1pm today, and spent the rest of the day unpacking the rig. This evening, Bill opened and sorted nearly 3 months of mail while I made the grocery list for tomorrow. In the mail was this letter. I think I mentioned several weeks ago that John Taylor was having trailer problems on the day he and Vicki were scheduled to leave. Bill and a couple other winter Texan guys helped them fix the problem, while the wives kept Vicki company. I’ve been trying to explain in my blogs how wonderful the people are in Kerrville. How nice is it that this couple took the time to thank us for helping them, when we know darn well they would do the same for us any time we needed it. This is a big part of why we keep going back each winter. It’s a kind, loving community. Thanks to everyone who followed along with us. Next stop for the rig is to the shop for some much needed repairs (Big Bertha is 16 years old, and a few things need to be replaced, like the dash air conditioner). We hope to take her out this summer, but right now, I’m so thrilled to be home! We hope everyone has a great Spring and Summer!

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