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Carlsbad Caverns Natural Entrance

Entrance & Bat Viewing Area



Caverns3 (using flashlights)



The Way Back Out FINALLY

Wildfire Near I-25 in NM Today (Thru Dirty Windshield)

We said goodbye to Mike and Kathy this morning. They headed back home to Palisade. Bill decided to drive today, though he coughed, hacked, and blew his nose the whole way (poor guy). We’re pretty sure it’s just allergies. Maybe he’s allergic to New Mexico! After all, ever since we entered this state the wind has been blowing, and the dust, dirt, and pollen are all in the air. The wind fueled a wildfire that was moving towards I-25 as we drove by. The smoke was blowing across the interstate, and several fire crews were stationed just west of I-25 to keep it from crossing over. We are spending our last travel night in Raton, NM. We have stayed at this old KOA many times and have never had to worry about reservations before (the town is nearly as run down as the KOA). But when we got here this afternoon, they only had one spot left. Most of the sites are occupied by permanent residents. We were so lucky! About an hour after we got here, a truck and trailer pulled in. We heard the poor driver hit something in the campground and he couldn’t get his truck to move forward (his wheels just kept spinning). The manager came out and removed whatever the object was (probably a rock or post), and the man, truck and trailer left. Another smaller RV arrived after that and was content to spend the night in a small parking space with no hookups. And just as dusk was approaching, a large RV pulled in. I felt so sorry for them. They had probably been driving all day, and when they walked up to the office, they saw the No Vacancy sign and had to turn around and find another campground. We were definitely blessed to get the last site with hookups! We will make reservations next time we come out this way. I hope you enjoy the Carlsbad Caverns photos. It was well-worth the sore calves I have today. We expect to be home by mid-afternoon. We are so-o-o ready to get out of this rig after 2 ½ months!

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