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Janice and ATV. Kanab Canyon

Peekaboo Canyon



Opening in the White wave cliffs

Mesa view in the Kanab Canyon

Saturday in Kanab begins with me at the door of the Kanab Tour Company just before they open. Got us booked on an ATV tour to Peekaboo Canyon which we were hoping for! It was an awesome tour!! We had a great guide and a powerful ATV that would haul ass. There was one other couple with us on the 3.5hr tour. Our guide took us to a large sandy area with nice rolling hills and steep banks where we could let loose in the ATVs. It was a blast!! He took video of us we raced up hills and showed off our driving skills.

After that we followed him for 3 miles thru a narrow scrubby tree lined trail to the entrance to Peekaboo, a “slot” canyon about 3/4 of a mile long. What an amazing beautiful place to see and hike!! The colors were incredible as well as the curving and heights of the canyon walls. We learned there are several canyons like this through out this region. Highly recommend it. We hiked all the way in then back out amazed at how different it looks going the other direction.

We left that miracle of nature heading for the next one. Another great ride thru tight sandy trails to an area called the white wave. It was beautiful white thinly eroded rock that looks like rolling waves. I tried to get a good photo but could not get the fine details to show in the picture...

That was the end of the tour except for the exciting drive back to the trailhead. We were able to see what the ATVs would do. They will do!!! We were covered with sand when we arrived back at trailhead. Only one thing to do... find a cold beer and wash the dust down.

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