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Heron & Egret Nests Across the River

Heron at Sunset

New (smaller) Snake in Same Pond

Mike & Kathy

It’s our last day in Kerrville. We spent all last week showing Mike & Kathy the Hill Country. The campground is packed again – this time for Easter. A couple of evenings ago, we were walking along the river when we heard a boy shouting for his mother. He was about 15 years old and had waded across the river to the other side. The other side is privately-owned woods (no houses in sight). He probably thought he was being super-cool going over there – showing off how independent he was. But once he got over there, he saw snakes soaking up the last of the sun’s warmth along the bank. Mr. Joe Cool started screaming for his mother, who was walking near us with his younger siblings. He wanted her to wade out there and rescue him, but she yelled back that he ‘…got himself out there, and he will just have to get his sorry butt back’ (the boy’s father wasn’t in the campground). The boy yelled back that he was too afraid to move. Meanwhile, the sun was setting, and it was going to be dark soon. You’d think that he’d rather wade back while there was still enough light to see his way (and whatever was in the water). He was quite adamant that he wasn’t moving without his mother, and she wasn’t about to go over there. Maybe I’ll walk by today and see if he is still there ;) He could end up like Tom Hanks, deserted for years in that island movie! Today is packing day. I handle most of the inside stuff and Bill does the outside. I am going to set up the crockpot for supper, so I can multitask. We (all four of us) will spend a very long day driving to Carlsbad Monday. In case you hadn’t heard, the elevator broke in the Caverns last Monday, and likely won’t be repaired before we get there on Tuesday. Mind you, this is the secondary elevator that broke. The primary elevator broke in 2015, and still isn’t operational. The recent breakdown stranded three people for several hours. They were eventually hoisted out somehow (with my extreme fear of heights, I choose not to think about how). So, the only way in and out of the Caverns is by foot. It’s 75 stories down and 75 stories back up. The four of us had a group meeting and decided to try it. I guess we four seniors are going to try to prove we can do it. We’ll see…

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