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New leaves while I wait for the bus!!

New leaves while I wait for the bus!!

New leaves while I wait for the bus!!

Jane, Robin and I.

Jane, Robin and I.

Jane, Robin, his wife and I.

Two pregnant ladies - Jane and Robin's wife.

'08 students Jane and Robin, and Robin's wife from '11

A lovely day today, with lots of catching up with friends, old and new. Denise escaped from the library in the morning, and came up for a coffee, and then we went and had lunch at a little place over the road from the back gate. Interesting little, very local eating spot. There are bamboo steamer boxes with cooked rice in, and at the counter you get to choose two or three meat varieties, which get put on top, and then over the steamer until cooked.

It is a great lunch, and very cheap, 8rmb for two meats, or 10 for three. And it comes with soup while you are waiting, and then a dish of green veges too.

After lunch I got Denise to come in to the pharmacy with me, to help me buy a bottle of peroxide. I needed her to translate, and then it was easy!!

Mid afternoon I set off to meet up with Yoyo, who I met last weekend at the village wedding. We were going to have a coffee at a coffee shop she knows, and she sent me the location, so I got a bus to get there.

But by the time I got off the bus, she had found that the shop closes on a Wednesday, so we got a didi car to Sam's Cafe, which she also knows. Of course, being a local, Sam's wife is one of her good friends!! Small town!

It was great to spend a couple of hours with her. She immigrated to Australia with her family when she was fourteen years old, and arrived in Sydney speaking no English. What a difficult transition that must have been for her.

Anyway four years ago, she made the move by herself to Perth, and has lived there ever since. She is now 28 years old, married, with an 18 month old daughter.

It turns out she lives at Baldivis, which is even closer to Bunbury, and will make it an easy trip to visit her up there, next time I am visiting the kids.

Her husband turned up half an hour or so before we left. He speaks very little English, but has invited me to come and stay with them, and help him to improve his English. He seems like a really nice guy too.

They were going for dinner, so they walked me to where I was to meet up with Jane for dinner. It was only just around the corner.

Jane had told me that another of her classmates would be joining us for dinner. And I think Robin was very surprised (and pleased!) when I recognized him, and even remembered his name. He had his wife with him, and is a much more confident guy than when he was a student!!

Jane could hardly wait to tell me her good news. She is pregnant, and expecting a baby in October. Robin and his wife are also expecting a little one in June. So the girls had a lot of baby and pregnancy chatter.

That left Robin and I able to talk. I could not believe how well we could communicate. When he was in college, I could hardly get two words out of him, and presumed his English was just not good at all. But it seems that he was just painfully shy, because with maturity he actually has pretty useful English skills!!

He and his wife both work in ICU in one of the biggest hospitals in Foshan, and they have a car, and a house, so they are doing nicely too.

Robin's wife was also a student at Zhaoqing Medical College, but she started in 2011, so was the first year that I did not teach.

It was just lovely to catch up, and have an enjoyable dinner, even if early on it rained, and we had to quickly move under cover.

The restaurant we ate at was lovely. I can't remember the name, but it was three stories high, and we were sat outside on the balcony on the third floor, looking over the lake, with all the relections. Really nice, until the rain hit us!!

Robin and his wife headed off to get back to Foshan, and Jane drove me to the end of the road, where I could pick up another car to get back to the college.

I had had a really lovely day and evening. I am just so very lucky to have so many beautiful people in my life.

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