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Marilyn went for her walk while I installed a new ink cartridge in my printer. I then printed out a short story I had written years ago. Once I had things ready for the talk I was giving to the Retama Reader’s Club, I went for a walk and then took a shower and dressed for the remainder of the day.

I was at the Clubhouse by 1:30 to help arrange some chairs for the Reader’s Club meeting and was pleased to see twenty or more folks in attendance. As the guest author for this meeting I was a bit apprehensive. First of all, I find it difficult to talk about myself, and it is embarrassing when someone asks me to autograph their book.

I did have familiar faces in the crowd as friends attended and refrained from harassing me until the meeting was over. It all went well and I would do it again.

Jim & Karen invited Denny & Jackie and Marilyn & I to stop by their place for a cold drink. It was quite warm as the temperature reached into the 90 degree range and sitting outdoors on the patio became uncomfortable after some time. The air conditioning certainly felt good when we walked in to our RV but we didn’t have long to enjoy it before we left for the resort “Tail light Party”. That is a party held at the end of the season when many of the winter Texans head north and all you see is the “tail lights”.

The fried chicken, and side dishes were fine and we certainly enjoyed the company. The band had arrived to provide entertainment so that was our signal to depart for home. Life is Good!

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