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Painted Dessert

On the trail - Petrified Forest

Wigwam Motel. Comanche, AZ. Rt 66

On the corner in Winslow, AZ.


Meteor Crater

The trip to Flagstaff was a full day. As we travelled further into AZ the scenery got more defined, dramatic and beautiful. It was a welcome change after all the rolling plains.

Our first stop was the National Petrified Forest & Painted Dessert. We drove the trail thru the park stopping at most of the points of interest. The scenery was very pretty and pastel ish. We decided to do the Blue Mesa trail about 2 miles long. It was a unique experience hiking among badland hills of bluish clay as well as petrified wood. The petrified wood looks unrealistic. Cool stuff! Hope the pictures do it justice.

When we exited the other side of the park it put us back Rt 66 in Comanche, AZ to get us back on the interstate. I was so glad!! We drove by the famous Wigwam Motel. Talk about a blast from past!

The next stop had to be number one on my bucket list at this point in my life... THE Corner in Winslow, AZ!! It was one of “those moments”. The city of Winslow has done a great job setting up this tourist destination. We were able to set up the photo with Janice in the pony checking me out as I stood on the corner. A nice lady from Australia took the picture for us!! She was so nice and a huge Eagles fan. Hope y’all enjoy our version.

On to the Meteor Crater. I have three words: Big Ass Hole! It was amazing something could blow that much dirt out of the ground. We were late getting there so we only got to spend about 30 minutes but enjoyed it anyway.

We haven’t talked much about the weather because nothing unusual until now. It started snowing on us as we were coming into Flagstaff!! Only about five minutes but cool to see. The lows for the next two mornings will be in the lower 20’s but it warms up to the 50’s by noon.

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