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Front Windshield View

Windshield Right (passenger)

Windshield Left (driver)

The Calvary Arrives

Sure I can pick it up

See, I told you

Loaded and Ready

By now you have glanced at the pictures and seen the map location so you have a hint we are not in Pahrump. It started well, up early, walk Sadie, quick breakfast, flush tanks and prepare to pull out. And we did a little before 9:30 a.m. A quarter of a mile and we were back in Arizona to head for the connection to send us on our way. Fifteen miles from our KOA parking place we headed west on NV 163. And it started up hill. Probably a 6% grade. But this is no problem for our Cummins 8.9L 400 horsepower engine...until a warning light comes on that says check engine. That would explain why the power was lagging. So, we pulled over and looked at the idiot lights. We turned off the key and discussed what options were available. Well, we restarted the Bus and it started fine. I gave it fuel and the RPM's were immediately over 2,000 rpm's and sounded good...AND...the warning light went off. Okay, a quick scare, let's go.

About three more miles up the road toward the high point of the pass (or so I thought) guess what happens. Warning light, buzzer sounding and power diminishing. I shifted down all the way to third gear but to no avail, so off the road again. The shoulder was extremely narrow and I was off the road at the very edge of the shoulder (by about 4 ") and off the road by maybe a foot. I am sure my mirror was actually out into the traffic lane. So, we shut down and started looking for the warning codes. Eventually we got to the point we think it is the fuel pump. SO, we call Coach-Net, our emergency situation provider of help. We confirm we are as close to safe as we can be. They put us in the que for the tech to talk to us. He calls in five minutes and we go through all we know and answer all his questions. Then the big question, Coach-Net will pay for a mobile tech or a wrecker to get us to a repair facility. We do not want to be towed but that is the guaranteed most expensive issue staring us in the face. We decide to be towed. He will see where we might get towed to and call us back. Well, he calls back in about 30 minutes and says he cannot find anyone open on Sunday so they will tow us someplace safe for tonight and then tow us to the repair facility on Monday on their nickel. WooHoo...where you gonna take us?? They will get back to us on that. Well, they did. They were suggesting the WalMart parking lot in Bullhead City. I said we still had a night paid for at the Avi KOA and they agreed to that immediately. They were working on the wrecker and will get back with us. In the meantime we talk to the KOA and they say sure ... come on back. And they will reserve 4 more nights in case it takes it to get repaired. Then the call...the wrecker will come from Needles, CA and be here in 3 hours. Holy Crap...three hours...OK, we are thrilled.

Coach-Net also called the State Police to have them come by and check on us. Now, I carry the warning triangles that you set up behind your vehicle but they are accessible only from the driver side bay doors. In about 25 minutes the SP showed up. He helped me get the triangles out and set up. Asked if there was anything else he could do for us. Being nothing he could do, I thanked him and he left.

Back inside I sat in the drivers seat and took the three pictures out the windshield. That was our view for over four hours. So we ran the channels on the Razor television antenna and discovered we could get 29 channels, so we watched NCAA basketball and the golf tournament...Go Bubba!!

And then SHAZAM...the cavalry arrived. He was here to get us back to the KOA. We immediately began asking him questions about what all he would do in the process of getting us on his wrecker. He answered all the questions correctly. And he appeared to have done this before. It took over one hour to complete the hookup, disconnect the drive shaft and get us ready to go. Sue drove the CRV and I rode with Ross. Sue was able to turn around less than a quarter of a mile up the road. Ross and I had to drive on up the pass about four miles to find a big enough place to turn the bus around. Tow truck, extension arm and the Bus...total distance of about 90 feet. Back to KOA. We got pulled by wrecker into our new location (easier in the new slot)and were set up within about an hour. Tomorrow will bring about several things we do not have answers for at this time. First, we will decide with Coach-Net on where to take the Bus. Then I hope the issue is just minor, but...

If we get repaired we will stay here for at least one more day. The winds the next two days are supposed to be ridiculous. Then will play by ear. We erroneously commented as we left this morning that this would not be a place we would come back to visit. And then...what do you know we are so glad to be here, especially compared to a WalMart parking lot. This is a real set back on the timeframe but it is also a blessing that we were not going down the pass on the other side...we could have lost power and made the coach hard to control. As I have said for years, the Good Lord takes care of children and fools and we all know how old I am...So I know we have been blessed. It is time to give Sadie her medicine and a quick walk and then bedtime. I know both Sue and I are ready to get in bed as we are TOTALLY exhausted.

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