Winter 2018 travel blog

El MoroWelcome center

El Moro from a distance

A closer look

View from the path

Path leading to the pool of water

The historic pool

view straight up from the pool

A lone pine near the pool

Path leading to the names written in the rocks

Some of the names on the roacks are very interesting and have...

Natural arch at Malpias

closer look

View of the sand stone pillars near the arch

Traveling I-40 we landed in Grants, NM at Grants/Cibola Sands KOA where we had stayed in previous years. We chose to stay a couple of days because we had always wanted to explore this ancient land where natives had lived for thousands of years and the route Coronado and other Spanish explorers traveled. We did discover why in our exploring. This KOA is a great one as they provide meals if you so choose. First night in we had a homemade turkey dinner that was delicious and enough for a second meal. Second night was homemade pizza. While not as good as the pizza in Victoria/Raisin campground, this certainly was good. The weather was turning ugly with wind and predicted snow so we headed out in the morning to discover El Morro Monument. Along these cliffs and on the mesa above is where the ancient natives thrived for years. In following the path along the cliffs, we discovered why this was such a prime area. Hidden in an alcove of rocks was a pool of water that they say never dries up. This became a trail that of course native Americans used, but also the Spanish and later the wagon trains heading to California. This area is known as Inscription Rock and you can still see many signatures of past travelers. Unfortunately Mother Nature will eventually wear away this rock and signatures won't be visible. This was quite the experience and well worth the stop. We purchased Navajo teas here made from natural herbs and plants. While we have tried only one of the teas, it was simply delicious.

We later traveled Hwy 117 to the east of the El Morro Monument to discover the El Malpas Monument is actually ancient lava flows that covers acres. A park ranger had directed us here to the natural bridge. These wonders of nature fascinate us and are so picturesque. Another stop well worth seeing. As we were heading back to the RV Park, the weather turned nasty so we hurried back inside and watched it snow and blow the rest of the day.

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