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Water Moccasin #2

Water Moccasin #1

Thursday afternoon, we drove over to the exit Mike and Kathy would be taking off of I-10 at the designated time and parked along the shoulder, waiting for them to arrive. The problem was we were in a dead cell service zone, so we couldn’t get updates. We got out of the car and leaned against the back end of the car, waiting. A couple of guys in a truck drove up. They probably thought that we were a couple of seniors with a broken-down car, because they asked us if we needed help. We waved them off. They finally got all set up at their campsite around 3pm, and then came over for dinner at 5pm. Afterwards, we walked them and Mo down to the river and around the campground. I recently found out that down here, I am known as ‘The Crazy Camera Lady”. I guess I resemble that remark and could certainly be called worse things! I take the camera with me as often as I can, because I know there is plenty of nature out there by the river. I just don’t always slow down enough to see it. But it’s always there. Thursday evening’s walk was very special. As Kathy and I approached the wooden bridge over the big pond, I was just thinking that there wasn’t going to be anything worth taking a photo of on this walk. We got about halfway across the bridge (the guys and Mo lagged behind), and I leaned over on both sides (as I always do), just to see if anything was swimming in the pond. There are clusters of tall reeds in the pond, but I’ve never seen anything in them. But that night, I spotted a 5+foot water moccasin laying on top of the reeds. His eyelid and some of his scales look turquoise because of all the green stuff in the water. It looks like he was snoozing when I took the shot. He also has a noticeable bulge, so he must have recently eaten something (hopefully not one of my frogs). There are plenty of fish on the pond for him to feast on, so I choose to believe that’s what he ate. A safe distance away from the snake was a night heron just like I was just talking about in my last blog. That was my first sighting of him this year. He was too far away from me, so I didn’t get a shot. I went back over to the bridge today, and neither the bird or the snake was visible. One of our friends here said they saw a pair of Ibis (birds with very long, pointed beaks) in the river, and they also found the hawk nest down there, so I have something else to check out next time I’m down there. We went out to a hick country bar last night for burgers and catfish. Mike loves country music, so he was in heaven. Today was shopping (groceries, hat for Mike, etc). Tonight, Kathy is fixing us enchiladas for dinner. Tomorrow, we are going to be brave and drive into crazy San Antonio and see the Alamo and Riverwalk. Keeping busy and having lots of fun!

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