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We stopped by a Verizon store this morning and got our new Jetpack WiFi gadget working. Now, as long as we have a cell phone connection for Verizon, we will have Internet connection. And I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that everything continues to work.

Also learned something: the young man who waited on us said, in response to my question about whether we could use the chargers from both the old and new Jetpacks, "As long as the connector fits the Jetpack, it's okay." Had we realized that before we purchased the new one, we could have been using the USB connectors that charge our phones and tablets in the RV all along to connect the old Jetpack and get on the Internet. Ah, well. It probably would have expired from old age one of these days anyway.

We had reservations in Yosemite for tonight and Saturday, but when we got nearly there, I checked the weather. Good thing I was curious: temperatures in the single digits and snow are predicted, and we found out that chains are mandatory. We decided that, once again, discretion was the better part and began frantically looking for a place to park this RV for the night. When I noticed the town of Mariposa on the map only about 18 miles from where we were, I remembered that years ago we stopped at the Fairgrounds there. Probably the only reason I remembered was that they were putting up a circus tent using elephants to do the heavy lifting. We watched them put up the tent, but couldn’t stay long enough for the performance the next day. So we set out for Mariposa hoping that the Fairgrounds still offered RV camping. They do! So we’re here for at least one night, or two if we decide to take a shuttle bus into Yosemite tomorrow.

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