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We shared our coffee with the door and windows all open. We then completed the normal chores like cleaning the kitchen and making the bed.

Marilyn started a load of laundry while I took my shower and dressed for the day. I was just heading out the door to get my walk when Jim drove up in his golf cart. He needed to know where several different places were located so we jumped into the car and took off.

I showed Jim the salvage yard where he could get rid of his old RV steps ( He just installed the new steps like ours) and then we drove to the Walmart in Penitas. I fueled the car and then we went inside to purchase a couple of items. I needed some paper for the printer and Jim found the wireless printer and new ink cartridges he wanted. The next place on the agenda was the car wash on Business 83. Since we were close to my usual barber salon we drove by there and sure enough, it was now open.

Back at the RV again, Marilyn fixed a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then I went out to drain the water heater in the Coach house. I shut the water off, retrieved a section of hose and a ladder from the storage shed, and soon had the water running out. Jim called and asked if we wanted to come by to share some shrimp he had just put into the deep fryer. We grabbed a cold drink and some crackers covered with cream cheese and a pineapple-coconut-mango-tequila sauce, and drove off to Jim & Karen’s place.

Jim & Karen fed us enough delicious shrimp and a salad of sliced tomatoes and a soft cheese, so that we had no need for dinner. It was around 6:00 PM by the time we returned.

The water from the water heater was still draining so I turned on the NCAA basketball tournament to watch some of the game between Kansas and Clemson.

Tomorrow we say “So Long” to friends, Ted & Donna and Mike & Lorraine as they leave for destinations up north.

Hopefully we will all meet again back here in the Valley. Life is Good!

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