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Just Chillin'

Trying to Find the Light Switch for Bingo Night

Huge Jack Fruit (whatever that is)

Great Blue Heron Last Night

My 2017 Night Heron Photo (taken down by the river)

Artist Starting to Draw My Night Heron Photo

Toucan Jim's 1

Toucan Jim's 2

One of the Facebook groups I’m in, “Artists with Photographers” has photographers post their photos that artists can use for any personal artistic use, as long as they give credit back to the photographer. I was thrilled earlier this week to be notified that someone had chosen my 2017 Night Heron photo for her next colored pencil project. I can’t wait to see her finished work (see both photos)! Our Palisade friends Mike and Kathy will be here in just a few hours. Bill took his car over to the car wash place a few days ago to get it all spruced up, so we can show them the hill country. We haven’t had a drop of rain here in 3-4 weeks, but wouldn’t you just know that as soon as Bill got back with the clean car the clouds gathered and sprinkled all over it! We went over to the next town for lunch Monday with Florence and Dwayne at one of our favorite places, “Toucan Jim’s”. The large outdoor area is decorated like Margaritaville, with palm trees and thatch-topped tables. Last night, we went to a new place called “Wild Ass Hey Barn”. Unique hick décor inside, and good burgers. I am setting up the crockpot today for the 4 of us, and I made a small applesauce cake this morning. After 3 long days of driving, we are going to let Mike and Kathy relax and unwind.

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