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Barry & Paula joined us for our trip across the border into Mexico and they drove up a few minutes before Denny & Jackie arrived to pick us up. The drive was slow going in rush hour traffic until we were east of McAllen and then it was easy going all the way to the border. In spite of the fact that we left here at 8:00 in the morning, there was a huge crowd at the border with traffic backed up to get in to the parking lots on the USA side.

Barry & Paula parked beside us and we walked together toward the turnstiles, joining the throngs of people ready for a day of fun south of the border. Once we made it across the bridge over the Rio Grande our first stop was at Ponchos where we enjoyed some food and an early morning wake up drink.

About an hour later we left Poncho’s and walked in the street which had been blocked off allowing pedestrian traffic only. We paused many times to look at various items for sale, listen to music, or to visit with people we knew. Paula even rode the mechanical bull, much to the delight of the crowd taking pictures.

We made our way all the way south to where the casino used to be. It has been closed and we noticed a few new eating places along the way.

We stopped at the pharmacy to purchase seome meds for a few friends who were unable to join us today, and then made it back across the border to the USA and drove back west to our resort in Mission.

It was a good day with lots of fun, but it is always good to get back home. Marilyn’s FitBit indicated that we had walked 2 ½ miles during our exploration so it seemed to me that a nap was in order.

Marilyn took her book and went outdoors to read while I watched a bit of TV, sometimes dozing off. Life is Good!

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