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Claire Shultis

Escapees Mail Center

Escapees Trolley

Dark Rose Azalea Bush in Front of House

Wisteria Bush

Red Azalea Bushes in Front of Gray House

White and Red Azalea Bushes in Front of Tan House

White Azaleas on Fence

Sandi & Doug Cameron, Glenda Alexander, Jan & Chuck Smith in CARE...

Sandi & Doug Cameron, Glenda Alexander and Jan & Chuck Smith in...

Today I was on the go all day. First, of course, was my exercise class. I’m trying not to miss any of them because I really need to participate in them.

After class, Claire Shultis took me around the whole Escapees park in her golf cart to take photos of the beautiful flowering trees and bushes. At one end of the property are regular houses, all of them different. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Many of the places were spectacular.

After lunch I went to visit Pastor Mike Meadows of the Central Baptist Church to tell him about the prison ministry at Austin Oaks Church and to see if he would be willing to have his church get involved. He seemed to be very receptive and asked me to have the complete set of Bible lessons sent to him so he could evaluate it and present it to his mission board. They already have a meeting scheduled to discuss how they could be more involved with the local maximum-security Polansky Unit. Pastor Mike already regularly preaches there and many of the prisoners watch his Sunday sermons on TV. He has a very interesting background. He grew up as a Marines “brat” but joined the Army to annoy his father! Later he was a nightclub bouncer and then a police officer before becoming a preacher, so he knows how to handle tough guys. []

Later this afternoon I visited with two couples who were working at CARE when I volunteered here in 2007. They came over to CARE to see me. Chuck and Jan Smith stopped traveling a year ago and now live permanently in Escapees Rainbow’s End. Doug and Sandi Cameron are still traveling full-time but they are staying in parks in this general area. They’ve been at Rainbow’s End for a few weeks so Doug could have some medical issues treated. They will be leaving tomorrow morning but will return in a few weeks for Doug’s follow-up visit with his doctor. It was good to see them all again.

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