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We decided to vary our route a bit today and hiked up into the desert across the road from the campground today. This definitely used some different muscles, as well as adding some distance to our walk. As we came up over a hill one of the burros suddenly brayed, causing us both to jump and scramble to see what was going on. We laughed when we saw. He apparently took offense about another one who was headed down a trail into the same arroyo.

The burros are really funny. There are signs all over on the road to watch out going around curves as there may be a burro in the road. And there have been many times when that is the case. They really think they own the place, taking the liberty to traipse through the campgrounds or graze on the golf courses. They are all wild. We have been told that they are descendants of the burros the miners used, who either got away or were left behind when the miners left.

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