2018 Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

Mad Hatters Lounge

Chocolate extravaganza

Jan 26 our last sea day. This cruise was the Miracle’s last cruise from Long Beach and it will now be based in Tampa. We disembark tomorrow. It was another rough day with 53 plus mph winds. The boat was very rocky. They said it was supposed to get better by late afternoon. It was still rough, but not as bad. There was a pretty sunrise and then it was cloudy most of the morning. It was a little cooler without the sun, but we used the pool and whirlpool anyways. I made my last trip to the gym this morning. We sent laundry down so I'd have very little to do once home. We only used 6 of our 10 allotted bags of free laundry. That's such a nice perk for Platinum members. They had a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast that families with little kids enjoyed, for a fee. Later they has a T-shirt sale and we picked up some. Today at the lunch buffet, they had carvings and fancy desserts, ice cream swans, chocolate dipped fruit, and other pretty desserts. Tonight we has prime rib for dinner. I was so full, I skipped dessert! Showtime in the dining room was as good as usual, when staff sing good by songs and dance. Before dinner, there was a cocktail party for platinum and diamond members. Hors d’oeuvres were so, so, but the drinks were awesome. I started by trying a Blue Margarita, as it looked good. Yuk. No problem, I just tried some others. The strawberry daiquiri and mango daiquiri were yummy, and the best was the mudslide… soooooo delicious! After dinner we finished our packing.

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