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While sitting with friends, Mike & Marian and Chuck & Coletta, the subject of modern technology came up. That triggered a discussion of the TV remote controls and the cell phones we are all familiar with (Or NOT familiar with in some cases).

So as to protect the marriages of my friends here I will use only the example of how cell phones and TV remote controls play into the day to day life in our place. First let me make it clear that we may not be the normal household but are only one of many.

We have a Satellite TV (DISH) which does not receive the local channels. That is ok because we have great reception of local channels using the “Off the Air” antenna system.

We have a remote control for the DISH Satellite system, another remote for the TV, and yet another remote for the DVD player. As long as we are watching Satellite TV we may use only the remote for the Satellite (It also controls the TV). However, when we switch from Satellite to local channels we have to use the TV remote control to change the channel from Channel 4 to one of the other channels like 4-1 or 5-1, etc. Then using the Satellite remote control we turn off the Satellite receiver and audio amplifier which gives us the surround sound we enjoy. Sometimes, someone (I won’t name names here) changes the channels to watch local TV broadcasts, but forgets to use the other remote to turn off the Satellite receiver. The result is sound from the Satellite channel last selected to join right in with sound from the channel coming in off the air.

It is even more confusing when going the other way (Off the Air TV to Satellite TV) because the input (using the TV remote control) has to be changed to “SAT”.

All of the rhetoric is to explain that common phrase heard around our place when watching TV, “Here, You Do It”. And that, Gentlemen, is why we men are in charge of the Remote Controls.

Maybe I’ll save the Cell Phone conversation for another day because I have to ask the Grandkids how to operate that. Life is Good!

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