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We really like this concept of rolling cocktail bar

My Spanish is still limited so we were a little surprised by...

Spiderman is also on leave


We have had a few beach experiences during our stay in Cartagena. We have seen more beautiful beaches in our travels, but I must say that these beaches gain on atmosphere. They know how to enjoy their beach time.

On the beach you can rent a 'tent' with chairs and a table. In a tent nearby, there is most likely a large group that plays music and dances. On a regular basis, vendors will come by with offers of massage, ice cream, souvenirs and - our favourite - cocktails.

One has to be prepared though: Once you buy from one, you will become like a magnet to all vendors; they will settle right outside your tent and wait for you to fall for other temptations. Had we had more cash, we probably would have....

The water is warm, with perfect waves and a good wind for the skilled kitesurfer.

But don't stay too long. About 10 minutes after sunset, the police will patrol the beach on their motorbikes and tell us that the beach is closed becuase it's too dangerous after dark...

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