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Snack Jack's restaurant - on the Atlantic Ocean in Flagler Beach, FL

View of Flagler Beach and the Atlantic Ocean

The primary purpose of this entry is to document that we were planning to drive from the Tampa cruise terminal to St. Augustine, FL. For those not in the know, this will entail a drive across the width of the state and about half way up the length of the state.

In order to enhance our drive, we decided to veer off the GPS indicated path at Daytona Beach and trek up the coast. Clearly, the best way to do this is to drive along Florida's Route A1A. This chosen option took us through the northern part of Daytona Beach, into the much nicer (in my humble, or if I was English, it would be 'umble) opinion, part called Ormond Beach, which has lovely oceanfront homes. As one proceeds north, you come to Flagler Beach, named after Henry Flagler who was a partner with John D. Rockefeller in establishing the Standard Oil Company. Henry also established Florida's main rail line. He did more in St. Augustine, but that will wait for that day's entry.

In Flagler Beach, there is an ocean side restaurant called Snack Jacks, with two pictures included. The restaurant has a phenomenal view of the Atlantic Ocean, and the food was good and reasonably priced. I recommend it as an informal clothing stop, e.g., shorts or the like. Stay a while to enjoy the ocean's roar, smell the salt spray, relax, and have some good food. Nicole Hein is the manager, who was a pleasant person with whom we talked. Their web address is

I'll keep all our St. Augustine adventure in the one next update.

Thanks for reading.

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