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Our last sea day was much like the first, sun, relaxing, reading, and having an occasional libation, some alcoholic and some not. I decided to walk my 4 miles earlier in the morning, and this was much more successful. It also made me feel good to know that I was working off calories that I consumed, even though I was careful about that aspect of our cruise. Bottom line, I did not gain any weight on the cruise! Yea!

A comical element on this day was having an inter-generational version of the show that has newlywed couples answer questions about each other's spouse and then reveal the answers to each other and the audience. In this version, there was actual newlywed couple, a couple who had been married for 30 years, and a couple married 50 years. The answers proved to be humorous to hilarious, especially when the 30 year couple were asked where they first made love. Both were correct when they said in a hospital operating room. The host supplied a good retort when he said, "I hope this was not with a patient in the room." (There was not.)

This has been a good cruise, made all the better by Sandy's presence and her great sense of humor. We disembark on 3 March, and will drive across Florida to trek up to St. Augustine, which will be the last stop on our Winter Adventure.

Thanks for reading.

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