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We have been walking and riding our bikes around the RV park every day, and even made it to the hot tub one afternoon. We finally measured the distance and found that it is about 1 ½ miles around the perimeter of the park, and quite a bit more if you go up and down each row. I am still having pain, but really bothered with nausea from all the medications. I had started to feel it a bit last week, but it really hit home today, and I was down for the count. Great. Add 2 more meds to the list that I cannot seem to tolerate. Luckily all the exercise seems to be helping. After 2 days of hardly any food, I went to the ice cream social with Don, who said that ice cream would be good for me. (He WOULD say that!) So I had a root beer float, and it was fine, for a while. We sat with Buddy and Elaine and laughed about all our adventures. By evening I was feeling better again and able to have half a hamburger for dinner and finally got a good night’s sleep.

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