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Desert sunset

Our 2 weeks are up so it was time to move out in the desert just outside of Quartzsite. They have a giant rock and gem show and RV show every January. Again, this is something we have been trying to get to, but so far have come in just at the tail end of it. It draws thousands of people every year, filling up the 15-20 RV parks in town and the BLM area of the desert every year. By the time we got there the desert was fairly empty, with our nearest neighbor being ¼ mile away. This is much more to our liking, but we would like to experience the big show one time.

There were still quite a few vendors, so we spent a couple of days going through the shops. We even picked up a few things. And of course we had to go to Dorothy and Toto’s ice cream shop, where Don got a giant banana split. My back was still bothering me, so Don went on a few walks alone. Until he lost his camera on one of the walks. I went back with him several times to help look, but we never did find it. That’s 2 cameras in the last 2 years. Not a very good record. The worst being the pictures he had taken and not downloaded yet. Sigh…….

We spent a week in Quartzsite, parked out in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately I was still in pain and not really able to do the things I wanted to do. I walked around the shows and displays as much as I could; Don was really good about letting me take sit-down breaks as needed. Back at home, he took over a lot of the kitchen chores for me also. Trixie was the only one who enjoyed this, as she got to sit on my lap a lot.

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