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Irrigation canal

The prison

Original cell for 6

Fields of lettuce

We stayed in Ajo until Friday the 2nd, then drove all of 138 miles to Yuma Lakes Resort in Yuma, Arizona. This is one of the resorts in our CRA membership. We had always said we would go here, but always seemed to get diverted northward. We had talked to other members about Yuma, and generally they either liked it or hated it. We thought it was pretty neat.

Yuma is a huge agricultural area, with field after field of crops, mostly lettuce with some cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. It is also the largest area for dates, with large plantations of date palms. It was very pretty with the colored fields and palms. Yuma is situated on the Colorado River, bordering both Mexico and California.

We took one day just to explore the area. One of our stops was the Yuma Territorial Prison. They had a good museum on the prison grounds and some od the original jail cells. While interesting from our perspective, it didn’t look like a very nice place to be incarcerated.

Our next door neighbors, Buddy and Elaine, were friendly. Well, he was; we only saw her to wave a couple times as they came and went. They had an ATV parked in front so naturally he and Don got to talking. He came over one day to ask if we wanted to go out with him and a friend. Both of them had a 2-seater Razr so we each went with one of them. I went with Buddy’s friend, Bill. We were gone for several hours, with Buddy in the lead. They showed us where the irrigation water came in from the river. At one point they got ahead of us, so we guessed which way to go, finally popping up over a hill to find no road on the other side. Luckily Bill was a good driver. Not very good at knowing the area as it turned out. He said he hoped they (Buddy and Don) turned up as he did not know his way around and was not sure of the way back. Finally I spotted them in the distance and they came back for us. We laughed about that later with Buddy.

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