Sandy & Bill's 2018 Winter Adventure travel blog

Sandy and I stayed with Patti and her husband Matt outside Tampa. In fact, they only moved into a house they bought less than a week before our arrival. I consider them brave to host people amid the normal chaos of moving! Both were extremely hospitable, and we enjoyed spending time with them.

We went to Tarpon Springs, of which I have heard but never been to, and perambulated down its main street. One of the things Tarpon Springs is famous for are real sponges. For those not in the know, most of the sponges we buy today are made from wood fibers or foamed plastic polymers in contrast to the natural variety, which are members of the phylum Porifera or multicelluar organisms. Oh, I discovered there was also an alternative rock band named Sponge formed in 1991 in Detroit. Funny, I never heard of them.

Along with shops selling natural sponges, there were plenty of Greek restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. We lunched at a restaurant overlooking the water and had a variety of seafood, which was good. Alas, I can't recall the name of the place.

Tomorrow, we start our cruise adventure.

Thanks for reading.

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