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No new photos, so I'm posting a few of my old favorites. Florence and Dwayne invited us for a long hill country drive and lunch yesterday, and we jumped at the chance to escape from the circus atmosphere in the campground. They have a very snazzy GMC Yukon SUV, so we got to ride in style. Bill's Honda hasn't been washed or vacuumed since before we left Denver. Our friends Mike and Kathy (from Palisade, CO) are coming down here next week and we will be taking them all over the area in the car, so we really need to set aside some time to clean it. There was a very distinct cowboy in the restaurant where we had lunch. He was tall and slim, with white hair and a very long white moustache that was down to his shoulders, twirled at the ends. It was quite a picture! During the drive, Florence told me a story that emphasizes the Texas spirit I was just writing about. Gayle and Wayne are another Winter Texan couple down here. She is tiny, barely 5' tall, and he is very tall (6'3"+). They are a very gentle, sweet couple. They have a very small Chihuahua named "Li'l Bit" that Gayle carries around in one of those cloth baby neck wrappers. Last weekend, Wayne went over to the nearby barber shop to get a trim. While getting the trim, he passed out in the chair. He came to, and the now concerned barber finished the trim. The barber pleaded with Wayne not to drive, but Wayne insisted that he was fine. He paid and left. The barber worried about him for several hours afterward, wondering if he got back here okay. Wayne had mentioned to him that they were staying in this campground, and the kind of RV they had. A few hours later, the barber's concern overwhelmed him, and he drove over to the campground. He was able to find Wayne and Gayle's RV site fairly easily, as they were parked near the entrance. Meanwhile, Wayne had decided not to tell Gayle about passing out. The barber arrived at their RV and Gayle answered the knock. When he told her what had happened, Wayne acknowledged that he still wasn't feeling well, but it was probably no big deal. Gayle called 9-1-1, and the ambulance arrived just a few minutes later. It was later determined that Wayne needed immediate surgery for an artery blockage. They have since flown home, and their kids came down to drive the RV home. If that barber hadn't gone out of his way to make sure Wayne was okay, who knows what might have happened? Amazing people down here!

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