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View of a village on our ‘cultural walk’

Robin and Cuckoo





The local school


On our free day in Sa Pa we went for a ‘cultural walk’. We were taken to the first village in a minibus. There we were joined by s number of ladies. They were very polite, answered our questions and allowed us to take photos. In fact they were like limpets. Mine was called Cuckoo. After a while they showed us the contents of their bags and we were invited to buy something. This is the difference between a popular tourist destination like Sa Pa and the quiet places we had visited in Myanmar. It is possible to travel to Sa Pa by train and there are many visitors. Still, we were bringing some prosperity to places where life is difficult. We bought small items and the ladies left us to walk to the next village where there were fixed price shops and a school which we visited.

We also stopped at a homestead where we had our feet washed in a verbal infusion and boiling water and had a drink. There was also the possibility to do a piece of batik - Julie came out with a pretty piece of fabric.

Later in Sa Pa we had lunch in a restaurant full of tourists (good lunch), walked to the lake and did a little shopping. Robin got his hair cut. We find that if you stick to soup, noodles and rice, usually with good vegetables in, you get a good meal. The fruit is magnificent.

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