Plains Georgia is the Historic Site

Plains High School

About the school

one of the sites

one of the sites

one of the sites

About Jimmy's life

Watch the 25 minute movie about his life here in the gym

wander the halls, go to several classrooms to learn more about the...

The other hallwayand the stairs to the second floor

A copy of the presidential desk, "The Buck Stops here". I know...

The list of the National Parks and sites Jimmy started

The Carter kids with family cook

Jimmy's parents, Lillian and Earl Carter

about their courtship

Jimmy worked hard building his business

His 3 political offices

His Nobel Peace Prize

The smiling peanut, in front of the RV park

Time for lunch, if you've never had Hunt Bros Pizza, you ain't...

they're made at neighborhood gas stations and such, $10 upto all toppings

The Maranatha Baptist, Jimmy still preaches here twice per month

downtown center Plains

We drove out to the farm, 2.5 miles outta town

approaching house from the parking lot

Jimmy on his pony, Lady

back of the home

about the house as you see it.

The kitchen as it would have looked in the 1930's

Jimmy's room as near to what it was at the time of...

about Jimmy's room

dining room, where a lot of conversation took place

part of the family garden store and wind mill

Did you know Jimmy played and still does play Tennis?

the little sign from previous picture

Jimmy at the hog cooker

Carriage, storage and wagon buildings

Barn for horses and mules

A keeper with two mules

The Rylander, haunted house, Rosalyn and Jimmy lived here for a while

The Plains Depot, restored as the campaign headquarters

Why the Depot was chosen? is behind this door

It was available and had .... Funny, huh?

Inside the HQ building !

Then at the wedding in 1946 and ....

Now at 93 and 90 respectively !

We had a 140 mile drive one way to get there. Plains Georgia was once a small spot on the map few people had ever been to except to pass thru on Hwy 280. A little boy Jimmy Carter was born 1 Oct 1924 to loving parents who worked hard on a 360 acre farm. Earl and Lillian Carter had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. The farm about 2.5 miles to the south of town had no electricity, no running water and everyone had to "run out back" to the little outhouse. Jimmy lived in the home you'll see when you visit, till he left town for the U. S Naval Academy. When Jimmy came home once for leave, he met Rosalyn Smith, they later married in 1946 when he graduated from the Academy. Jimmy and Rosalyn came back to Plains to stay when Earl died. Jimmy and Rosalyn built a big business of peanuts and cotton. Jimmy worked on the local school board, was a State Senator, Governor of Georgia and President. He gives much credit to his upbringing and a school teacher/principal Miss Julia Coleman.

This National Park Historic Site has 4 separate sites. First, we visited the Plains High School which acts as the visitor center for information and direction. Second is Carter Boyhood home and farm, where Jimmy lived about 14 years. Third, is the Plains Depot, next to the railroad tracks and it was the campaign headquarters for his presidential run. Fourth, is the current Carter home which is closed to the public but you drive by it on your way to the farm. Other places of interest are; Haunted (Rylander) house, Maranatha Baptist Church, Billy's Gas Station, Business District, the "Grinning Peanut", the Lebanon Cemetery.

We had expectations of needing to spend only a few hours, there is more to learn about this amazing couple than we figured. Yes, it was a full day and we didn't really see or learn everything.

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