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Hey friends!

I'm back with a few more updates (Y) Having a relaxing weekend and staying in Guelph (for once) so I thought today I would do some exploring around here. Went to the Art Gallery, Farmer's Market and a few of the old parks and churches that are around downtown. Finished up with a cheeky sesh at the board game cafe which was cool. It's actually a really beautiful place during the day haha have only really managed to see downtown at night, oops!

St Patick's Day a really big deal here so next weekend will probably be written off completely! I'm pretty excited though. Having said that I have no idea what to do for my birthday haha would be cool to potentially go do an escape room or play some disc golf if it's warm enough. Keen to plan a few things to do since I don't have classes on Fridays anyway!

Speaking of planning, I still haven't even looked at things to do after uni.. I keep telling myself I'll do it when all my assignments are done but I've been really lazy and haven't done that much work :/ that will have to change soon since there's quite a bit due in the next week or two. Plus New York will mean that I'll have to (try to) get ahead on some things because I'll be missing my Monday classes but she'll be right.

I probably won't be back on here until after I come back from New York (at least I'll have a fair bit to write about) so hang in there. Only 10 more weeks until I'm back in Adelaide, gosh it goes quickly. Definitely keen to catch up with you all.

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