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Howler monkey


Termite nest

Air Plants


Pit at base of waterfall

At the waterfall


Male Howler monkey

Taking pictures of monkeys

Waterfall with guide

At waterfall

Ox cart

Goats or sheep?

Yankee Beach

Yankee beach

Yankee beach

San Juan beach


Restaurant sunset

Yankee beach

Yankee beach

Yankee beach

Christ ovelooking the harbor


We got up really late this morning – needed the rest – about 9:30. Gathered stuff together and headed off to O’Shop for our day’s tour. We had a nice breakfast first in an upscale place with all organic stuff. Kitty had avocado toast with eggs and I had an egg, hash brown, and cheese sandwich, Quite good.

Got to the tour place and there was a festival in preparation with LOUD music. Almost impossible to hear in the shop. We decided on the waterfall tour – and were told it was dry but there would be wildlife! We yelled back and forth and were told to come back at noon for the tour. So we headed to the local market and got some souvenirs and water, then back to the shop and told to wait again while Hector, our guide from last night, had lunch.

We finally headed out – the manager said he would be going along but backed out, so another day of charades with English/Spanish.

Basically the same driving route as yesterday but took a turn and headed far inland to a farm stead. One of the kids (about nine) walked with us up the trail and followed a dry riverbed for about a mile and a half – saw Howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, a sloth, and lots of neat trees.

We finally arrived (and my toes were killing me!) and there was a very high embankment – about 100 feet or so – where the water falls during the rainy season. You could see the almost round pit the water had dug into the solid volcanic rock below the falls. There was another fall area nearby – both feeding into the same river bed. Great rock formations – layer upon layer of volcanic ash.

We headed back down to more monkeys then said goodbye to the farm folks and headed off to Yankee Beach. It was apparently a resort at one time but now just a farmstead and a “virgin” beach – one that almost no one goes to – so called by the surf instructors. The waves were loud and frequent – the beach long and flat. Several pigs wandered down to the water’s edge, but that was about it.

Hector was going to take us to another beach to see the sunset but we decided to head back to town and see if we could get a look at the petroglyphs that were near the town. Quite a bit of confusion followed as we tried to explain where it was. Hector went back to the office but the owner didn’t want anything to do with it. We got one young woman who seemed to know what she was talking about so we went off and were dropped near a gas station and told to walk down the street and “everyone would know.”

Well, they headed off and we asked several folks and no one knew – one guy said keep going – so we went. Walked through a fairly poor neighborhood but no issues. Finally asked an older man who was sitting on the sidewalk and he knew what we were talking about – but no English. Some young American man came down from the local bar and translated for us. It was on the other side of the river along with old pottery and other stuff. But it would take too long. Both were very nice and very helpful, but it was not to be as sunset was less than an hour away.

We walked down the beach and found a nice restaurant and ordered dinner next to the beach. Great view of the sunset and nice food. Then we headed back to the hotel – only getting lost once! Then I checked us in for tomorrow’s flight and we packed a bit before heading off to bed. Interesting day!

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