We arrived on Valentines Day, so had to take our picture.

We found historic downtown Clermont, cute place

historic Clermont is next to a large lake.

we found a little blue heron

If your a policeman here, be careful you'll be break the law...

One day we visited our friends, Joel and Margaret at their park

We had a constant visitor who became a mooching friend

friendly and hungry, we fed carrots to him/her

yep, carrots and apple slices.

once a week the park has an ice cream social

when you get your bowl, the nice lady puts toppings on for...

By the looks of it, the ice cream socials are popular

We had a couple small gatherings at our coach

This gathering we had 8 people over.

A little way down the highway is this winery, Lake Ridge

We signed up for a tour and tasting......

Signs tell a great story.

The grape masher to get the juices

About the gallons

another story sign.

bottling and labeling and packaging.

sign about bottling and the cases

We enjoy our tasting with a very enthusiastic server!

As we get ready to close this visit, we'd like to show you a few pictures of things we've done here. Though we try to take pictures for you of "everything" we do, sometimes we just forget the camera or some such thing. But anyway here is a representation of pictures. Overall, we'd like to comment about the Bee's park. It's an old park, so spaces are typically tight and short. But, what it lacks in space accommodations the park quickly makes up for in activities and social acumen. We took in several of the dinners offered at the Honey Pot, went to an ice cream social, attended a "Veteran Salute" and had great neighbors. Like anything else, in this lifestyle you can be as social and active as you want, and can have great experiences if you get out and explore. On the contrary, We have had others come in and park next to us, not to be seen or heard of for two weeks!

Just down the street is a winery. Free tours and tastings! Yea! HA! The free tour cost Dave a hundred bucks in good wine.... :)

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