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We've just been hanging out here, enjoying the warm weather, walking and visiting with friends. We took a drive yesterday to take more cemetery photos. This place was about 25 miles northeast of the campground. It was our first time to this cemetery, but we didn't have much trouble finding it. Getting to it was not as easy. The area had been abandoned a long time ago, and the road was grassed-over and pot-holed. We gave up when we came upon a large tree branch blocking the road and left the car to walk about a block to the gravestones. We were searching for a husband and wife who died in the early 1900's. There were about a dozen unreadable stones along with 70 or so that were legible. We couldn't find them, so we assume they were part of the dozen. We took a different route home and came across the "Grits and Glitter Ranch" (reminded me of the Pioneer Woman's (Ree Drummond) love story, subtitled "Black Heels and Tractor Wheels"). We also checked out the Old Tunnel State Park. It's open nights from May until October and claims to be home to Three Million Bats!!! They offer viewings of the bats leaving the tunnel each night. There are several caves in this region with summer evening bat viewings. I believe these bats winter in Mexico. Bill called bingo again last night, and I won my first game in several weeks. I'm about to go out with the camera and try to take the 'before spring break' shots of the campground, to show how empty it is now, and then how crazy busy it will be this weekend.

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