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Marilyn & I went for our walk at different times. Of course she walks much farther than I walk so that is no problem. Our friend Bob drove up to help me with an RV maintenance issue. It took Bob less than 30 minutes to complete what I had started.

After Bob left I headed down the street for my own walk. My knee was a bit swollen and hurting by the time I finished a little more than half a mile.

Marilyn started preparing some salmon using a new recipe she had found and I must admit that it turned out absolutely delicious. We had just enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Late in the day we drove over to Eddie & Jan’s to join them in a Happy Hour. I took a moving blanket Eddie had loaned me to use in working under the RV. That sure made things a lot more comfortable rather than lying on the bare concrete. Eddie & Jan are leaving on Saturday and we hate to see our friends departing. Bob & Janet are leaving earlier than planned so our friends are all getting together for pizza tomorrow.

We wish them safe travel with the knowledge that we will soon be heading north also. Life is Good!

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