Anne & Tom West Coast to East Coast Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

Frigate bird traveling along with the ship

They can stay aloft for days




A tour of the ship

First to food storage and distribution

Like a grocery store warehouse



Waste disposal - all done to "save the waves."


The engine control room

As close to the engines as we were permitted. 4 Diesel engines...

Electric motors drive the ship

Automatic sheet dryer and folder!

Out from the machine ready to go on the bed.

The bridge - all electronic navigation.


Lookout always on duty

The bridge officers

The kitchen - heart of the ship?



Anne asks a question

Main dining room, Discoveries

This is where we have dinner


At Sea - Ship Tour March 3

On our way to the Panama Canal, we spent a day at sea and went on a three hour tour of our ship “behind the scenes.” We started with the provisions. It reminded us of the lockers of a large grocery store warehouse with frozen meats and fish; vegetables; drinks; rice; potatoes; and every kind of goodie you get to eat while on board. The ship has a wonderful policy of recycling and keeping the seas clean. We met the ecology manager and toured the facilities. The engine control center revealed how the propulsion is by giant electrical motors with power generated by up to four diesel powered generators. We visited the bridge, the dining room and the kitchen, as well as the laundry to round out the tour. The sheets are dried and folded with one big machine! There are over 400 crew responsible for the smooth running of the ship.

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