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Today was lunch in the Grandbuy building, with Winnie and Liao, and of course Iona. Also present were Gary's sister, who has been Winnie's friend since middle school, her husband and their fourteen year old daughter.

Lunch was nice, with lots of things that I really like, and we sat about for a couple of hours after eating.

I had a puzzle for them to solve for me. I am intrigued by the number plates on the cars, and am interested to know how to work out how many possible combinations there would be. But there is dissent among the mathematical minds among us.

Their number plates have five spaces, after the place identification. There are three different possibilities. There could be five numbers, or one letter and four numbers, or two letters and three numbers. They use 24 letters, as the I and the O could be confused with one or zero. The potential number of plates would be enormous, but I can not find out a formula that would allow me to work it out. Can anyone help me??

After lunch, I wanted to walk along to Walmart to get some vacuum bags to pack some bulky stuff into, ready for returning home. Winnie and her family had left for home, and the other family walked me along to Walmart. Winnie's friend is an English teacher, but her English leaves an awful lot to be desired!!

But, anyway, they left me to head to their house, and I was free to pursue my shopping by myself. I found a bag with various sized vacuum bags in, and even including a hand pump. It will remain to be seen whether they are going to do what I want!

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