Anne & Tom West Coast to East Coast Panama Canal Cruise travel blog


The welcome sign


Dock ramp

Beach and small town

The statue

Our Ship

The beach close up

One main street

Kids at play in town square

The church

Is it the sun making this projection?



Back on board our ship


The menu for the French Chef'sTable

The Executive Chef, Fabio

Our companions

first course

Excellent onion soup


Our table

The main - fish


Selection of cheese


Our wine stewart

A special dessert cocktail


Inside the dessert

San Jaun Del Sur, Nicaragua March 1

The little town of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua has one main street running along the waterfront with a few short streets heading up toward the inland. Tom took a walk along the streets to capture the flavor of the houses, businesses, and people. The church has an interesting spot of sunlight casting an image of “JHS” on the floor of its entrance (see photo). Maybe he was there at just the right moment, or maybe there is a device to make this projection?

We dined at the Chef’s Table specialty restaurant tonight with a French menu. If you are hungry, hold off looking at the pictures! It was a marvelous meal.

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