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A lion dance in the main street, just waiting for the beginning.

Looks like two lions going to perform.

Drumming team.

Looks like it will be a great performance, shame I can't wait...

Shelly and I having yumcha.

Very busy restaurant.

Shelly and our delicious food.

Shelly, all hooked up to heat up the hair, ready for a...

My before shot!

Getting the treatment.

Back view.

Finished job.

Shelly getting the next stage put on her hair, before rinsing off.

Against what was my better judgement, I met up with Shelly and one of her friends at 11am today, for yumcha. I say against my better judgement, because I was feeling very tired, and could not really be bothered, but I wanted to get a haircut and Shelly was prepared to help me out!! And in hindsight I had a lovely time hanging out with her.

When I arrived in the city centre, I was walking to get to Grandbuy, and there was a Lion Dance all set up ready to go outside a business on Tianning Lu. Sadly, I could not wait for it, but got some 'before' photos!!

I met Shelly outside the bookstore on the fourth floor of Grandbuy's Time Square. And we went to a lovely, very popular and very busy restaurant just nearby. The other lady has been her friend for many years, but they had not seen each other for ten years until today. Not meaning to sound ungrateful, but I was happy when she left to meet another friend for lunch. Otherwise it would have been pretty boring for me.

We had some really nice food, and chatted at length. Then we went to the big bookstore, as Shelly was looking for some yoga books. She eventually found what she was looking for, and took photos of the books, to send Gary to buy them. He has a card apparently, that entitles him to a discount!!

Then we walked up the road, to Shelly's bank, to check that her pension money had gone into her account, and from there along towards Qianyu's kindergarten to a hairdressers. The hairdresser was working on his own, because today is Lantern Festival and his partner had family responsibilities.

It is just a little local hairdressing shop, nothing fancy, but the man has been there for 24 years. He is 40 years old, and has a ten year old daughter.

Shelly was getting a perm, and a colour, so he got her perm under way first, then did my hair while hers was taking. I paid him a huge 30rmb ($6!) for a haircut which was just what I wanted.

I paid my bill, and left them to it, chatting away ten to the dozen. I was going to have dinner with Winnie and Liao at their house, so I headed for home, and set the alarm so I could have a rest, before I had to go out again.

I have discovered it is easy to get there, by taking a #11 bus. It takes me almost right to the west gate of their complex. I was a little early, but I know them both well enough that I do not need to stand on ceremony.

Winnie had bought a couple of packs of beef, one lot from Australia, and expected me to tell Liao how to cook them. But the cuts are ridiculous. One was cut into cubes, and there was no way of knowing what sort of steak it was!! And the other pack of Australian beef was cut up, including bones, and a pre-prepared sauce, that was my job to cook. I hope they liked it, because I did not really feel happy with what I had achieved.

I told Winnie that when they come to Australia, I will get steak, and show them how to do it right!! I just hope I can do it justice for them.

Around 7.30 Winnie had to take off to collect paperwork for her classes tomorrow morning, so I took off too. I expected to simply get a #11 bus back to the college, but that run stops at 6.30, so I just took any bus into the city centre, and then transferred onto one back to the college!!

At least I was not late home, so that was a blessing. I am tired, and have not been sleeping well recently. My hip has been causing me to lose sleep with night time pain.

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