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Preparations in the kitchen. This lady is a factory owner.

Main cook. She has a ladies dress shop in the CBD, and...

Many hands make light work. A police officer.

Vegetables ready.

Table ready for the food, and enjoyment.

Club members chatting before dinner.

Summer and one of the vice presidents. Summer is a professor at...

Paid president, also runs an advertising agency.

Vice president, also owns an advertising agency.

Sorry about the closed eyes, but this lady runs the Womens Bureau...

Summer is the lady who introduced me to the camera club.

Dinner is ready. Let's enjoy!

Not a lot on today, but I kept in mind the fact that Summer will collect me at around 5pm, to take me to the photography group new year dinner.

She was running a little late, and while I was waiting for her out the front of the college, I met a guy who spoke no English but seemed to want to talk to me. Turns out he is married to Lily, one of my early students from 2005, and was waiting for her!

When she came out, we talked for a little while. Last time I saw her she told me she is pregnant, and thrilled to be. Now she is starting to bulge, and is looking great.

Summer arrived, and we drove along the new riverside road, to get to the photography group. I still don't think I could find it unassisted, but I don't need to worry about that for now.

The office bearers of the club are very keen to link up with our club in Albany, and even to arrange a tour in the future. They linked me up with their group page on wechat, so I can communicate with them now. The challenge now will be to get some of our members onto wechat, so they can join the conversations!!

Dinner was mainly prepared by one of the ladies, with two off-siders. Good Guangdong food, local specialities for the New Year and Spring Festival.

After dinner we sat around drinking tea, and chatting about how we can get our sisterhood going between the two clubs.

I also found out about some of those who stayed later. The president of the club is a paid president, but of course with 491 members, there is money to pay him! (By the way, I am member 491!!) One of the ladies is in the police force, another, the one who introduced me to the club is a professor at Zhaoqing University. Her major is international culture. Then there is a dress shop owner, who has been in business for more than twenty years, and another lady who heads up the Women's Bureau, which is comparable to our Family Services. Two other vice presidents have advertising agencies, and one has a factory!! Quite a diverse lot of people, all with the common interest in photography!!

By the time Summer dropped me off, it was after 11pm, and I was feeling pretty tired. It is sometimes hard work, concentrating on a conversation with folk with limited English ability.

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