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Hey friends!

I'm back from Cuba - was such a good time.. honestly the first time anything but my face has seen the sun since I was in Australia! 27 and sunny everyday was such a treat, doesn't matter if I was drowning in my own sweat from the humidity :') went to Havana and Varadero mostly and went snorkeling in the Bay of Pigs which is super cool! Saw lots of cool colourful fish around the place and their habitats were crazy. Uploaded some pics on Facebook for you to have a look at - I have been very slack with my uploads/picture taking lately so apologies for that. I'm hoping that I can do some exploring around Guelph this weekend or next weekend before organising a few more side trips elsewhere. Slowly running out of time to get sightseeing done before uni finishes :(

It got to 10 degrees last week so it rained and all the snow melted. It was such a treat walking around in a jumper but I kind of miss how the landscape and uni look when it's all covered in snow. Looks like a completely different place!

Starting to plan what to do when uni finishes - if you have been to the US or Canada, please give me some suggestions on places to visit! Keen to do as much as possible, Vancouver right through to Halifax, New York, you name it.

That's about it for now, uni is going fine. I've got 2 midterms to go and a couple of assignments then onto finals week! Everything is going so fast, it's like February didn't even happen. The I won a donut today so things are looking good :)

I'll check back in soon, maybe another week or two - hopefully I will have done some more exploring around Ontario by then (which means more pictures woo) in the mean time, stay cool B) and I'll catch you later!

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