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We ate a breakfast of coffee and pancakes made from a batter of bananas and eggs and then went for a walk. When we returned, Marilyn put the cushions on our patio furniture while I made the bed and straightened things indoors.

I have had problems getting my latest book from the mailbox because the key they left in our smaller mailbox would not unlock the larger box where the post office leaves packages which will not fit in the smaller box. That was a long sentence so I hope it made sense to you dear readers. LOL

I walked over to the mailroom again once I spied the mail delivery truck and the mail person gave me my package. He then tried the key and confirmed a broken lock so now that might get fixed.

I wanted to make a repair on the RV so I texted Bob to see if I could borrow his cordless drill. He wasn’t home but told me where to find the drill and adapter for ¼ inch sockets. I drove over to Bob’s and grabbed the drill and as I headed back home I passed by Eddie & Jan’s place. I saw Eddie just coming outdoors so I stopped to say hello to this good friend. He and Jan have both been suffering from allergies and it was nice to see him out and feeling better. He mentioned that they might stop by our place later and that was sure fine with us.

Back at the RV I had a problem making the repair I wanted to get done and went on a brief “Pity Party” because of the weakness and other side effects of the therapy I am taking. I sat with Marilyn having a serious discussion about our life and then went indoors to clean up and make myself presentable.

Bob & Janet stopped by to retrieve the drill and we talked for a while. Then Eddie & Jan arrived and added to the joy of our little spontaneous gathering. It was just what I needed to get myself out of the funk I was feeling. Life is Good!

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