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Deer in our campground





I took a quick walk yesterday afternoon (just me and the camera) along the river before we went out to dinner with Randy and Karen. I was startled again, but this time it was the blue heron! He had been on the ground several yards ahead and to the right of me and he jumped up into the air when he saw me. I hadn't seen him until he rose up, and I didn't have my camera set to shutter priority (dang it), so it took me a few seconds before I could start shooting. I hope in the next few weeks to get better shots than this, but I wanted you to see them anyway. The highlight of the walk was the kingfisher perched on the stump in the pond. Although they are common in Texas, I've never seen one in the campground before. They are master fishers! As the temps warm up, we are having to be more careful when we walk by the river, as the snakes are becoming active, and the manager worries about water moccasins. I don't know that anyone has ever seen one here, but with the river here, it's certainly possible. We steer clear of the tall grasses near the banks and are always looking all around us when we walk. I still watch for the bear, too. The manager's husband fixed us a buffet breakfast yesterday with pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit and yogurt. They've raised the price to $6/person, but it's still a bargain and the food was delish. Randy and Karen, and about six other couples left for home this morning. There are plenty of empty cabins and RV sites now, but a week from now this place will begin to load up with spring breakers. The restaurant we ate at last night was only about a mile from the campground, with a large window overlooking the highway. We watched as four cabins on semis rolled by. Sure enough, they were unloaded in a field on our campground. I think there are about 15 more coming in the next few weeks. The campground will then have 40-50 cabins of various sizes. By March 10th, every existing cabin and RV site will likely be occupied (so, close to 300 spots). We found out that the manager decided to open the water park today, which should make things even more noisy next weekend. Thank goodness it's only for a week.

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