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A beautiful day greeted us when we awoke. That was a good sign because we had all been invited to join a group of friends for lunch at Pelican Station in Port Isabel. We drove to the resort next door to pick up Bob & Janet and then led the way as Denny & Jackie followed, riding with Jim & Karen.

We arrived quite close to the time agreed upon and saw friends, Chuck & Coletta standing at the door to greet us. Mike & Marian joined us and we all enjoyed the good seafood, the great service, the ambiance, and the constant banter and laughter. Unfortunately Eddie & Jan have both been under the weather and couldn’t join us.

After our fine lunch we drove across the bridge spanning the waterway, and followed Chuck & Coletta to a beach access where we could walk through some soft sand, across a sand dune, and set up lawn chairs on the beach.

The bad part of the day was the wind which was relentless, blowing sand with some force and creating natural air conditioning as it blew over the water before slamming us. While the view and sound of waves crashing onto the beach was wonderful, the gale force wind and cool temperature assured that our stay was quite brief.

As soon as we crossed the sand dune heading back to the trucks, we were sheltered from the wind, and the air conditioner was needed once again.

I drove the back roads rather than facing the rush hour traffic and “demolition derby” danger on the expressway. It was about 4:30 when we were safely home relaxing again.

It was a fine day in the company of good friends. Life is Good.

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