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Denise had called in to visit at her lunch break, before she went to meet an uncle in the city centre. She offered to drive me into town, but I needed to get showered, before heading out.

My plan had been shopping, and maybe Melrose's house if I mustered enough energy, but dinner in town.

Before shopping, I went in to Spango Pizza, where I ordered a chicken and vegetable soup, and a potato and bacon salad.

A random woman at the table opposite came to say hello, and bring her two-year-old daughter to say hello. She said that she was an English teacher before she had the second baby, but is now a housewife. She has a twelve year old son, who was quite interesting to talk with, when I could get him on his own, without his mother!!

While chatting with them, I had a call from Denise wanting to know where I was. She was just finishing work, and said she would walk into town to meet me. She wants to take me for coffee. I thought she was just going to join me on her way home, but she had better plans!!

Out the window went the shopping plan, and we set off walking to the Bar Street on the lake side. Gary, Shelly and Qianyu were on their way in the car, and would pick us up on the way.

Well, I can finally say I have had a good coffee in China. The place is called Sam's Cafe, and I ordered a flat white, and that is what it tasted like! Not cheap but very nice. Denise ordered a mocha with piped cream on top, Gary had a two-shot espresso, and Shelly and Qianyu shared a big bowl of fruit salad.

By the time we left there, it was nearly 10.30, and too late to get a bus, so Gary very kindly drove me all the way back to the college. I could have got a taxi, but they insisted, so that was very kind of them!!

A nothing kind of an evening turned into very nice!!

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