Anne & Tom West Coast to East Coast Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

After our sea days, we're off on a land tour

Docked in a snug harbor

Off to explore

One of the bays


Neat architecture

The church with the largest painting of ”The Lady of Guadalupe.”


The painting of ”The Lady of Guadalupe.”

Oaxacan Arts & Crafts Museum

Cochineal insects attached to the prickly pear cactus

Demonstrating the woven rugs

Natural dyes from cochineal insects.

A weaver

Picking out our rug.


Our rug.

A light snack.

Corona beer

Navigating out of harbor on the flying bridge

Anne looking glamorous at sunset


An "A" for Azamara on the dessert plate

Huatulco, Mexico Feb. 26

We got in around sunset on Feb. 25 after 2 days at sea. The next day we took the ship’s land discovery tour - a scenic drive along the coast where many luxury hotels have sprouted up in this long forgotten area. Tangolubda and Conejos bays are perfect settings for these resorts. Next we entered the town of La Crucesita where the church has the largest painting of ”The Lady of Guadalupe.” Anne was particularly interested in the Oaxacan Arts & Crafts Museum where a demonstration of fabric and rug making took place. Making dyes from the cochineal insects that attach to the prickly pear cactus showed how the colors can be varied from rich royal purple to orange depending on the natural additives. Anne fell in love with a natural color rug which we’ll somehow squeeze into our luggage. We completed the tour with a light lunch and a Corona beer before returning to the ship. We were exhausted from the pace of the trip in the hot, humid weather.

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