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We set out to do shopping. I particularly wanted to get slipper bases and yarn, to teach Carol how to make slippers, but after exploring a couple of market areas, it seems the only stalls open are those selling meat, fruit or veges, and really basic daily items.

From the markets, we went to Jie Way, and thankfully they were open. And even better, Carol found the down jackets that she had been looking for. Sadly, there was only one that would fit one of her girls, but that is better than nothing.

While we were in there, we met a young man called Simon, who was also a customer. He was helping us out, because Icy the shop owner, who speaks enough English was not there. Simon works for the Bank of China, and is currently on holiday. Not sure which branch he works at, or in what capacity, but not in customer service. I told him that I thought that was a shame, as he is just what we need, as foreigners, when we go to the bank!! An English speaking customer service officer.

From there, we walked along past the nearly completed sports stadium to where I had had a massage with Rony and Cheer previously. But oh no - they were still not open either. So looks like the massage will definitely have to wait a bit longer.

By the time we were near to home, it was about time to eat, so we went into the little Wallace Cafe near Melrose's house, where the two girls were very happy to meet us again.

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