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Young Chinese guy supporting Scottie's gig. His guitar playing was beautiful and...

Scottie, concentrating on his music.

Grandma, Shelly and Qianyu.

Four generations of beautiful people.

All of us together.

Today I decided to stay at home, while Carol set off to explore Star Lake, with Gary, Denise and all the family. Not sure how well my feet and hips would stand up to another day of walking around. So I did washing, mopped floors, and generally straightened up.

In the afternoon, I had just decided to take a kip on my bed, with a coffee and a book, when a message came from Denise, asking me if I could find my way to her Grandma's place.

I did some quick checking on maps on my phone, and could see that it was not going to be very difficult, nor a long walk to get there.

There had been messages back and forth, between Scott, Frankle and I, and Scott was going to be playing a gig at 6.30 tonight, so I really wanted to be there.

I asked Denise if she knew the location Scott was going to play at, but it must be a new shop, as it did not come up on her information. But, we all decided that we would be there. We'd find it somehow!

Gary's sister and her family had joined the rest of them for the walk at Star Lake. And she took great care to look after Carol, and explain everything to her.

Even Grandma joined them for a while, but she only walked as far as a spot where her father had painted a message onto the rocks. He must have been pretty well renowned for his calligraphy, as they also showed us another spot in the old city centre where his writing is preserved.

When I arrived at Grandma's house, almost everyone else was there. Gary's brother-in-law arrived just after me. A late lunch was under way, and we sat and enjoyed good food again. Good food, and great company is very hard to top!! In fact, it really is the tops!

After eating, and cleaning up, we all headed off to the music gig. All except for Grandma that is, but when I told Denise to ask her to join us, she grabbed a jacket and off she came too.

We went in two cars, and found the restaurant in the new Chain Mart Supermarket Mall near Melrose's house.

Scott was already playing as we walked in, and Grandma was first in the line to bop her way into the restaurant, and also the first to be at the front of the stage taking photos of my boy!!

We actually had some nice food there, not a meal as we had really only just eaten, but a whole array of snack foods. Some things not to my taste, but generally just what was called for.

Once again, Carol and I walked home, as it was only a five or ten minute walk back to Melrose's apartment. On the way, we could not resist going in to Snail Net Coffee, to see if they serve good coffee. But no, it seems to be an internet cafe. Nothing to do with coffee, and certainly the translated name would seem to be there to put anyone off. After all snail paced internet does not sound very appealing!!

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