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You are on a journey to the Taj - among the most significant crowd pullers in India and after a special rendezvous with the work of art; you wish to check out some more. For tourists like you, there are some delightful emotional retreats near Agra, mostly religious websites and bird sanctuaries that pull peace hunters away from the crowds.

Places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Bharatpur, and Chambal are merely a couple of hours' drive from Agra. And the very best part is, you don't need to do a great deal of preparation. With your few spare hours, you can buy a journey to one of these tourist locations near Agra and extend your trip beyond the city of the Taj.

Sanctuaries near Agra for spirituality candidates

Check out these places near Agra for they are situated quite so close and are basically available.

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1. Firozabad - Temples and throbbing mayhem

Ancient websites, monuments, some authentic consuming joints, and a number of religious retreats make Firozabad precisely the place to explore. Firuz Shah Tughlaq Tomb, Balaji Temple, Radha Krishna Mandir, and St. Johns Church are a few of the places of attraction in Firozabad.

The range covered and time drawn from Agra to Firozabad: 44.3 km and 1h 2m

Connectivity from other parts of Uttar Pradesh: Gwalior is another major city situated 154 km from Firozabad.

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2. Mathura - To the house of gods

Welcome to the holy birth location of Lord Krishna. Mathura occurs to be one of the popular spiritual locations near Agra. A peaceful layover, Mathura sits on the bank of river Yamuna and has a total of 25 ghats over the city.

Dwarkadheesh Temple, Sati Burj, Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Complex Temple, and Vishram Ghat are a few of the must go to locations in Mathura. A Holi celebration in Barsana - a town in Mathura, is popular worldwide. Holi is a festival of colors.

Distance covered and time taken from Agra to Mathura: 56 km and 1h 20m

The connection from other parts of Uttar Pradesh: Direct trains run from Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi to Mathura that almost 2.5 h to reach the holy city.

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3. Vrindavan - Holy town for the spiritual candidates

Of all the popular locations near Agra to check out, Vrindavan has famous stories attached to its name. The streets, roadways, and even trees in Vrindavan romantic duets of Radha - Krishna to tell. This location is everything about temples of Lord Krishna and Radha from centuries earlier. The chants and soothing vibes dominating in the air would make for an ideal escape from Agra.

Krishna Balram Temple, Govind Dev Temple, and Madan Mohan Temple are a few popular temples in Vrindavan that you shouldn't miss.

Distance covered and time drawn from Agra to Vrindavan: 76 km and 1h 36m

Connectivity from other parts of Uttar Pradesh: Mathura is the closest city situated 15 km far from Vrindavan.

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4. Govardhan - Where legends come alive

Govardhan is a popular trip destination located near Mathura. A simple day trip from Agra and New Delhi, Govardhan Hill has famous stories connected to it. The location when Lord Krishna held the total hill on his little finger. Today, a circumambulation around the hill is considered auspicious.

The parikrama road around the hill is 25 km one should follow the rules while performing this ritual. Some of them being, you should walk clockwise and the hill needs to be on your right. Radha Kund and Krishna Kund are a few of the tourist attractions near Govardhan.

Distance covered and time taken from Agra to Govardhan: 77.4 and 1h 46m

The connection from Delhi: One can drive 142 km directly from Delhi to reach Govardhan. It should not take you more than 3 hours.

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5. Bateshwar - A spiritual confluence of Hindus and Jains

A prominent seat of spirituality and culture, Bateshwar is mostly known for its temples and National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary. The 101 Shivalinga Temples in one row found by the Yamuna is a world popular destination of the town situated in Morena.

October - November is thought about as the very best time to go to the spiritual layover. A variety of activities like boating, camel ride, and horse flight make Bateshwar a popular traveler attraction in North India.

Don't miss the enormous cattle reasonable in Bateshwar held in November.

The range covered and time drawn from Agra to Bateshwar: 80.6 km and 1h 34m

Connectivity from other parts of Uttar Pradesh:

Historical cities near Agra for heritage enthusiasts

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6. Aligarh - To the seat of learning

Located in western Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh is understood for its medieval age buildings and other architectural marvels. The city has an abundant cultural past and is a substantial destination for the traveler planning a visit to Agra and neighboring locations.

Maulana Azad Library, Teerthdham Mangalayatan, and Khereshwar Temple, Aligarh Fort, and Jama Masjid are the locations to check out near Agra. Are you all set for an amazing date with the past of the middle ages of the country?

The range covered and time drawn from Agra to Aligarh: 89.3 km and 2h

The connection from Delhi and adjoining locations: Aligarh is a 2.5-hour ride from New Delhi. A variety of buses ply from other parts of Uttar Pradesh to Aligarh often.

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7. Deeg - Another regal site in the vicinity of Bharatpur

Deeg with all its ancient forts, gardens, and palaces makes one of the very best historical retreats near Agra. Truly a historian's delight, Deeg Palace is an interesting location to be at. The white marble operates in the temple is really enchanting and obvious. Bharatpur depends on its area, and you can prepare a peaceful day into the wilderness from here.

The range covered and time drawn from Agra to Deeg: 93 km and 2h

The connection from other parts of the country: Well connected by roadway Deeg is 34 km away from Bharatpur. Mathura is 35 km and Delhi is 129 km far from Deeg.

Serene natural retreats near Agra for peace candidates

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8. Patna Vihar Bird Sanctuary - Chirpy sanctuary in the heart of Etawah

Take a brief break, and surrender yourself to the wilderness where nature flourishes at its finest. Patna Vihar Bird Sanctuary is another of lesser thronged places near Agra where you can rejoice to the tune of chirpy birds in the thick forest. Winter is the best time to check out when the smallest of bird sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh invites great deals of migratory birds. March is the time when birds flock back to their homes.

Lesser Whistling-Duck, Graylag Goose, Comb Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, and Gadwall make some of the most exciting destinations at the sanctuary.

Distance covered and time taken from Agra to Patna Bird Sanctuary: 54.5 km and 1h 31m

Connectivity from other parts of Uttar Pradesh: The sanctuary can likewise be easily reached by means of Aligarh (68 km) or Hathras (29 km) by roadway.

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9. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - Some hearty moments with the birdies

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also referred to as Keoladeo National Park, is among nature's magnificent spectacles and is amongst the very best locations to check out near Agra. Winter is the time when thousands of migratory birds flock to the sanctuary to rejoice and enjoy the moderate climate in India. Other threatened animals can likewise be found here.

A jeep safari here in the middle of the vibrant creation of nature is a must. A journey to government museum, Lohagarh Fort, and Bharatpur Palace shouldn't be missed out on when you are here.

The range covered and time taken from Agra to Bharatpur: 58 km and 1h 13m

The connection from Delhi: The sanctuary is situated 184 km far from New Delhi producing a perfect outing from the nationwide capital.

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10. Chambal Safari Lodge - A day out in the wild

How about letting you free into the wild that has kept its charm every day bygone? Take a better look at the fantastic variety of Chambal with a stay at Chambal Safari Lodge. The fantastic property has heritage plantation together with sprawling gardens, fantastic wildlife around, and schedules a stay that is achieved in its own method.

Apart from camel and jeep safaris, a visit to Bateshwar - an ancient website of livestock fair bigger than the size of Pushkar Fair, is highly advised. Ought to you be an avid birder or a nature lover, Chambal Safari Lodge is a momentous experience for you into the wild. October - April is the best time to visit.

The range covered and time drawn from Agra to Chamba Safari: 55.7 km and 1h

The connection from other parts of Uttar Pradesh: The lodge is a 1-hour drive from the Taj Mahal. Located on the Mela Kothi Road

Agra has a lot of thrills for the discerning traveler in you. All you need to do is browse! Nature continues to captivate its enthusiasts. For more information on Golden triangle tour packages from delhi contact Swan Tours one of the leading travel agents in India.

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